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+40 755 354 555
L-V: 9:00 - 21:00
S: 9:00 - 14:30
Bd.Pipera, Nr. 59B, Ground Floor
Bucharest, Ilfov

House of Beauty Clinic

Why choose our clinic for your smile?

About us

The House of Beauty Clinic hosts the best specialists in the field enjoying international recognition for the successes and perfection restored on the faces of public figures who have put themselves in their hands.


Our team is honoured to meet your expectations in terms of facial and dental aesthetics.


We are united by an unceasing passion for everything that means facial and dental aesthetics, perfection and beauty and we want to bring everything to the highest standards with the help of the constantly updated equipment we have.


We believe that only through passion, patience and care for the patient can we achieve these goals. We want our relationship with patients to be open, warm, and sustainable, in order to create a relaxing atmosphere, in which we work efficiently and with pleasure. Thus, patients can eliminate the fear of the dentist and can come with pleasure to a place where they will be greeted warmly and treated with care.


We enjoy every success, every case solved and every smile we were able to bring back on the faces of patients, because we believe that true specialists learn from achievements. We are human and friendly, we understand the pain as well as the dreams of the patients, and we are not satisfied until the smile of happiness reappears on their faces.


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Why choose our clinic?

  • Renowned experts

The House of Beauty Clinic selects its physicians based on the experience and standards they achieve in their work. Here are the most famous physicians specialized in dental and facial aesthetics, prestigious for collaborations with public figures.


  • Superior quality

The dental implants, braces and accessories used at the House of Beauty Clinic are made of durable and easy to maintain materials. Our experts apply the same principle to procedural techniques, thanks to continuous further training.


  • Professional equipment

The perfect aesthetics of each face is possible thanks to the high-performance equipment that the House of Beauty Clinic has. We invest in the latest equipment to guarantee optimal results following the procedures we carry out.

  • Open attitude

The physicians at the House of Beauty Clinic will always greet you promptly and in a good mood and will not let you leave the practice without a perfect smile. Thanks to them, going to the dentist will become a pleasant activity.


  • Transparency and involvement

For our experts, each patient is unique in the nature of his/her needs. Therefore, collaboration with the right physicians is based on transparency and complete involvement. You will receive customized advice in order to recommend the most appropriate procedures.


  • Excellent reputation

The House of Beauty Clinic is the product of permanent feedback from patients we treat. Without their satisfaction, passion and professionalism would not be enough to carry forward this project that we consider unique in Romania.

Our specialists

In our clinic, we offer services at the highest standards in a professional and comfortable atmosphere.

Dr. Jona Yousif

Specialist Dentist Coordinator in Dental and Restorative Aesthetics

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Dr. Ana Maria Oproiu

Specialist in Aesthetic Surgery and Reconstructive Microsurgery

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Dr. Adrian Pitila

Dentist Specialist in Endodontics under microscope

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Dr. Anca Hazaparu

Dentist in Endodontics and Dental Therapy

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Dr. Soboh Naser

Specialist Dentist in Surgery

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Dr. Monica Filipescu Costache

Specialist Dentist in Orthodontics and Dental-Facial Orthopedics

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Dr. Schraer Vlad

Dentist in General Dentistry

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Dr. Andrei Behshad Balazadeh

Specialist Dentist in Oro-Maxillo-Facial Surgery and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

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