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Quality Policy


The quality policy is the tool that leads the organization to the improvement of its performances, so as to determine the gain of customer trust and to obtain profitability.

The principles of our organization are:


- the organization and functioning of the organization in order to satisfy all quality requirements claimed by the clients and the applicable regulations in force, in order to ensure competitiveness;
- building and maintaining a total management system by involving all employees, which has the CLIENT at the centre of concerns and the achievement of the objectives of the organization;
- the creation of an adequate working environment in order to achieve good quality services;
- The HOUSE OF BEAUTY BY DR JONA YOUSIF S.R.L. clinic approaches the concept of quality as meeting the needs of clients.
The basic condition to make the above become a reality is to comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System implemented in our organization according to the standards of the HOUSE OF BEAUTY BY DR JONA YOUSIF S.R.L. clinic, a system based on procedural approach and risk identification and management.

This system provides the framework for the improvement of activities by:

- reporting by each employee of any non-conformities that occurred during the activity in order to eliminate them;
- eliminating the causes that lead to non-conformities, thus reducing the costs of non-quality, establishing corrective actions that would contribute to restoring compliance;
- the permanent training of the employed staff and its motivation in order to raise the professional level of the organization service provision;
- the periodic analysis of data in order to continuously improve processes.


We are ready to meet and even exceed the reasonable expectations of our clients. All employees will be motivated to improve quality and will be involved in achieving the proposed objectives. The quality objectives are communicated to the entire staff of the organization so that they can contribute to their fulfilment. The objectives are periodically analysed and revised whenever necessary. For this purpose, financial resources will be made available. The Quality Policy is available to the public by posting it on the website.