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Eye biorevitalization

Wrinkle treatment (eyes)

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Biorevitalization of the area around the eyes

The appearance of the tissues around the eyes is most often affected by a poor lifestyle, diet and care routine. All these only facilitate the installation of premature aging, whose signs begin with the appearance of dark circles and bags under the eyes on both women and men.


The treatments of biorevitalization of the area around the eyes performed at the House of Beauty Clinic are based on the use of injections that introduce intradermally into the area around the eyes a therapeutic complex containing MHA 10 (Hyaluronic Acid) or NCTF135 HA, a highly concentrated serum that re-densifies the dermis and prevents aging through optimal tissue hydration.


When are NCTF135 HA treatments recommended?

The biorevitalization treatment of the area around the eyes with NCTF135 HA is recommended for both women and men, with the installation of the first signs of aging, as well as in cases where you want to fade the unaesthetic appearance of this area.


The treatment with NCTF135 HA is recommended for:


  • Treatment of wrinkles and grooves installed in the area around the eyes
  • Stimulation of skin tone at the local level
  • Facilitation of skin relaxation
  • Optimal hydration of the tissue, to prevent aging
  • Potentiation of skin elasticity


Why NCTF135 HA?

While MHA 10 injections ensure optimal complexion hydration, NCTF135 HA injections not only remove existing signs of aging, but prevent their appearance.


NCTF135 HA is, at present, the only complex that can cover all the needs of the complexion, in its component being found:


1. Hyaluronic acid:

  • It restores the natural loss of hyaluronic acid caused by skin aging;
  • It re-densifies the dermis in an optimal and natural way;
  • It hydrates the skin due to the hygroscopic potential that allows it to retain a volume of water equal to 30 times its volume.


 2. Not less than 55 biologically active compounds:

  • 14 vitamins (A, B, C, E, B, etc.);
  • 24 amino acids (elastin, collagen, etc.);
  • 6 coenzymes that catalyse the various biochemical reactions that occur intradermally;
  • 5 nucleic acids that activate cellular communication;
  • 4 minerals that prevent and treat skin deficiencies;
  • 2 antioxidants that reduce the synthesis of free radicals that destroy the normal structure of the skin.

Advantages of NCTF135 HA treatments

The treatment with NCTF 135 HA is a complete one, which addresses the causes, but also the consequences of skin aging. It acts on the basis of qualitative compounds of vitamins and acids compatible with complexion tissues.


This treatment stands out thanks to the following advantages:


  • It is a non-surgical treatment that can be performed in an outpatient unit;
  • The injection is not painful and does not require local anaesthesia;
  • The treatment stimulates skin regeneration naturally;
  • It is compatible with the simultaneous performance of other procedures and treatments;
  • The results appear from the first session and are amplified with the next sessions.


Treatment procedure

The NCTF 135 HA-based bioregeneration and anti-aging treatment acts biologically globally on the phenomenon of premature skin aging, proceeding to the elimination of the triggering causes.


This treatment is extensive thanks to the simple procedure it involves, being based on making small painless injections into the superficial dermis.


These injections gradually introduce into the skin small volumes of the NCTF135 HA revitalizing therapeutic complex created by the famous Filorga Company in Paris.


The injection occurs at the area around the eyes, the treatment being compatible with all skin types in women and men alike.


The frequency of NCTF 135 HA injection will be, in the first instance, of five sessions over a period of three months, after which the patient is urged to undergo maintenance therapy. Following treatment, exposure to light without sunlight protection is prohibited.

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