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Dental aesthetics

Our smile defines our image and relationships with those around us.

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Importance of dental aesthetics

Dental aesthetics is a branch of dentistry that aims to improve the appearance of teeth through several procedures such as: dental crowns, teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental implants, inlays.


In a society, communication is essential. If you don’t communicate, you can’t make friends, you can’t find a job, and communication is often built through dialogue, so that the dental aspect often found through a person’s smile is their business card.

Role of dental aesthetics

Not all people have a beautiful smile from birth. Dental aesthetics involves a perfect harmonization between teeth, gums, mouth and smile to create, depending on facial features, a facial appearance as beautiful and harmonious as possible.


Dental aesthetics enjoys the latest technologies that give your teeth a healthy look and a smile like that of Hollywood celebrities, repairing everything that spoils the harmony of your smile by safe methods.


Dental aesthetics is part of dental prosthetics where a total change of the human smile is involved through the use of dental veneers from different materials such as ceramic or composite.


If before a dental veneer was made of materials such as gold or silver, materials that gave the smile an uneven and unaesthetic appearance, now dental veneers are created from materials such as ceramic or composite, which harmoniously coat the tooth, having an exact colour with it, giving, at the same time, strength and durability.


The art of dental aesthetics is perfectly seen through the dental veneers. Dental veneers are single-tooth prosthetic constructions, which appear in the form of a fine sheet made of ceramic or composite that enjoy a wide range of colours, from immaculate white to those in accordance with the shade of the tooth.

Dental veneers and teeth whitening

Dental veneers help those who have problems such as: discoloured, blunt or chipped teeth, teeth in an atypical shape, tooth gap (diastema), spaces between teeth or misplaced teeth, so that they can have a natural smile beautified for 20-25 years, especially if they have proper dental hygiene. Among the best dental veneers are those from Lumineers, which have 13,000 dentists certified in their application in the world, among which 11 are in Romania, Dr. Jona Yousif Wakled Mansur being one of them.


Tooth whitening is a 160-year-old branch of dental aesthetics that now enjoys modern dental techniques that do not damage teeth. Whitening products are made of substances that do not damage the teeth, and modern whitening techniques give the teeth a whiter and brighter appearance in a very short time.

Steps in dental aesthetics:

The first step will always be the careful evaluation of the teeth, gums, support structure (bone supply) and dental occlusion, in order to establish the necessary dental treatments. Reconstruction will often address all teeth.


The second step brings with it the necessary dental treatments such as:


  • Endodontic treatments (nerve removal);
  • Coronary obturations (fillings);
  • Orthodontic treatments for tooth alignment;
  • Wearing braces;
  • Tooth veneering;
  • Dental crowns;
  • Dental bridges;
  • Dental implants;
  • Teeth whitening.

Steps to follow for a perfect smile:

1. Horizontal alignment is the line of the smile that should be parallel to the horizontal plane.

2. The symmetry around the centre line of the face is very important from an aesthetic point of view.

3. The smile line joins the edges of the upper teeth. Ideally, this should follow the curved line of the lower lip because a curved smile looks much younger.

4. The gum line joins the highest points at the level of the upper teeth. Ideally, this line should follow the contour of the upper lip to ensure optimal exposure of the teeth and gums.

5. The width of the smile allows the progressive visualization of the teeth from the front to the back teeth.

6. The embrasures are the small triangular spaces at the end of the teeth. Without them, your teeth would look like the keys of a piano.


To whiten your teeth, at the House of Beauty Clinic we use the Philips Zoom lamp with cold light, as well as the most advanced whitening materials available nowadays, with which we can whiten your teeth safely and with maximum results, unequalled by any another teeth whitening system currently used in Romania.

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