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Localized lipolysis

Dissolution of the small and medium fat layer.

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What is lipolysis treatment?

Lipolysis is a treatment that has the role of dissolving the small or medium fat layer that is found at the subdermal level. This fat layer is a layer that cannot be eliminated through exercise or diet. The treatment can also be done after liposuction, to remove even the smallest fat cells left to smooth the skin.

Areas of application of this treatment

Lipolysis treatment can be done in several ways:


1. Injection lipolysis:

It involves injecting a substance into the subdermal tissue with the help of very thin needles. These substances represent lipolytic agents such as: sodium deoxycholate, caffeine, phosphatidylcholine, etc. which help destroy subcutaneous adipose tissue. The injections are made at a distance of approximately 2 cm, the number of sessions varying up to 12 sessions, depending on the case. Fat cells can reappear when the person gains a lot in weight.


2. Laser lipolysis:

It uses two technologies: either with cold internal lasers or external lasers, but in both cases local anaesthesia is needed.


3. Ultrasonic lipolysis:

Ultrasound transmits waves of multiple frequencies into the subdermal tissue by software that breaks down fat cell blocks without affecting other cell parts of the body.

Once the fat blocks are broken down into fat cells, they are dissolved, and the remaining triglycerides and cell debris are processed and reintegrated by the body naturally.

Differences between the types of lipolysis treatments

Laser lipolysis treatment consists of inserting laser fibre cannulas into the adipose subdermal tissue and moving the fat blocks back and forth to detach each fat cell from the other, following the process of melting them and then draining, the fat being removed through the pores. Also, laser lipolysis helps to stimulate vascularity, but also to eliminate toxins.


Compared to injection lipolysis, laser lipolysis does not require another session in that area, and this treatment eliminates the subdermal adipose tissue once and for all. In case of weight gain, adipose tissue will form only in places not treated by laser.


Ultrasound lipolysis is not painful, is very fast and has no side effects, requiring a number of approximately 10 sessions.

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