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Scalp mesotherapy

Hair loss treatment.

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Mesotherapy for hair loss or thinning of the hair from the top of the head

Irregular hair loss, partial or total lack of hair on the scalp is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, hormonal imbalance, aging, various diseases, pregnancy in women, stress, etc. This cause can be treated with clinical treatments that will help restore hair.


There are also natural remedies, such as maintaining a healthy diet, but this solution does not have immediate results and can not work for anyone. Scalp mesotherapy is an effective and quick treatment that will get rid of the need for surgical intervention (such as hair transplantation) or other painful and more expensive interventions.


What does scalp mesotherapy mean?

Mesotherapy is the treatment that helps in healing and regenerating the scalp in both women and men. This procedure regulates the nutritional level, vitamins, proteins and factors that cause hair growth, but also improves blood circulation in the scalp, revitalizes and strengthens hair follicles and accelerates hair growth.


Scalp mesotherapy is a quick treatment that restores hormonal balance and improves the appearance of hair by regaining thickness and structure in a short time.


It should be noted that the substances that are introduced at the scalp level have much more visible effects than those that are directly applied on the patient’s scalp in the form of solutions. The administration is done with microinjections with very fine needles or with microneedles, which have the role of placing the substance in the dermis.


After how many sessions do results appear?

Mesotherapy should be done by a specialist physician in dermatology or aesthetic medicine, at a trusted clinic that offers quality services, so the treatment will be painless. This is performed under local anaesthesia to improve patient comfort during the process.


It is estimated that the procedure lasts 10 sessions, one every 2 weeks. The time allotted for treatment is 45 minutes before for the anaesthesia and 10-30 minutes for the process, depending on the area you want to treat.


The results of scalp mesotherapy appear after about 2-3 months, without the need for any special care after the procedure, so you can resume your activity without worries.

If you notice hair changes or encounter various changes, we recommend consulting a specialist physician.


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