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Orthodontic treatment gives you the perfect smile!

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What is Orthodontics?

“Orthodontics is the dental branch that involves defining a perfect smile where there are gaps or inconsistent positioning of the teeth”.


Improper gaps between the teeth, which may be too large or, on the contrary, too small, favour the appearance of caries and halitosis in adults, but especially in children, who are facing a change in dentition.

While teeth are at risk for premature fall due to dental caries and periodontal disease, they can put extra strain on the chewing muscles, which can lead to headaches or TMJ syndrome (painful temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome).

Following the orthodontic treatment, which involves wearing dental braces for a period of time, the aim is both to straighten the teeth and to regulate the occlusion (the bite).



Stages of the orthodontic treatment

Broadly speaking, the orthodontic treatment begins with a specialist consultation, in which the patient is advised in order to establish a treatment plan.

Orthodontic consultation steps:

  • elimination of all causes that can impair the efficiency of the dental braces (caries, extractions, fillings, etc.);
  • obtention of the dental impression (mould);
  • finally, the application of the dental braces, which can be fixed or mobile, visible or invisible.

During the orthodontic treatment, the patient will present for a monthly check-up, in order to adjust the dental brace, by frequently tightening the wires and mounting the springs.


The physical and aesthetic benefits of the orthodontic treatment:

The orthodontic treatment can help straighten the patient’s teeth and position them correctly from a bite perspective. In the first instance, the orthodontic treatment aims to straighten the patient’s teeth by exerting moderate pressure on the teeth, but an important second goal is to adjust the bite.


It is a repositioning of the teeth, in order to optimize the mastication process without additional effort on the teeth. In most cases, patients discover a combination of these two benefits of the orthodontic treatment.


Dental braces efficiency in children and adults

The orthodontic treatment does not condition patients by minimum and maximum age limits at which they can wear braces, but there are aspects that can dictate the effectiveness of the treatment.

Ideally, children can benefit from orthodontic treatment only if their milk teeth have fallen out and their molars have erupted at least partially.

In the case of adults, on the other hand, the orthodontist is the one who approves or does not approve the wearing of the dental braces, because the orthodontic treatment no longer shows the same efficiency after the age of 40.


However, the genetics of each patient is distinct, so wearing braces even by adults can give results in a short time, if the treatment plan and the recommendations of the specialist are followed.


When is the orthodontic treatment recommended?

Generally, the orthodontic treatment should be started from childhood, around the age of seven, or when the child has between 4 and 6 milk teeth. At this stage of development, the physician may already notice any problems with the growth of the jaw and permanent teeth.


What are the benefits of the orthodontic treatment?

Better oral health, a more pleasant appearance and a longer durability of the teeth. Our physicians are at your disposal with all the necessary information. Your children will be motivated to wear either a mobile orthodontic appliance that helps the jaw bones develop during the mixed dentition period, or a fixed orthodontic appliance during the permanent dentition.


Did you know that?

The braces are not only worn to straighten the teeth, so orthodontics is an integral part of any oral rehabilitation treatment with implants, veneers and dental crowns, for a lasting result. In our clinic, dental aesthetics is combined with orthodontics and implantology, in order to obtain a long-lasting aesthetic and functional result.

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