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How much is your child's smile worth?

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What does pedodontics mean?

When it comes to caring for your child's smile, you need a physician who understands the needs of the young patient.

Treatments for children's teeth are important because any loss of (temporary) milk teeth causes various complications of eruption of the final teeth, having negative effects in adulthood.

Milk teeth play an essential role in vocal development and allow the normal development of the mastication process. Unhealthy eating, but also the lack or inadequacy of it causes specific injuries.


The pedodontics services offered by the House of Beauty Clinic.

The House of Beauty dental clinic offers patients safety due to specialized training, being ready to face any challenge and difficult situations.

Every child has a different way of responding to the visit to the dentist, so our specialists use different techniques to alleviate any fears or situations that may be painful for your little ones.

A pediatric dentist takes care of your child's hygiene and oral health. He/she advise parents on proper eating habits, anticipates various dental problems and intervenes quickly if necessary, reducing the chances of tooth damage.

In addition, he/she discusses with the parents about the possibility of performing oral treatments and most importantly, creates a friendship bond with the child.


Why opt for pedodontic services at the House of Beauty Clinic?

The passion for art in corroboration with the work makes our specialists to put into practice all preventive habits of oral health in order to maintain a good dental hygiene. Experience at work has prepared them to meet the needs of patients, regardless of age.


When should you make an appointment with your child at the dentist?

Usually, an appointment is made every 6 months. Children have very fragile teeth, so they need routine appointments and hygiene at exact intervals.

Failure to comply with and non-treatment of dental caries or other problems where appropriate will later lead to more difficult interventions and higher costs.


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