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Dental prosthetics

The dental crown ensures a longer life of the tooth on the arch!

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What does dental prosthetics mean?

Oral health is very important and should not be neglected, the postponement of problems leading to aggravation of the situation. The loss of one or more teeth can lead to various phonetic, chewing, and psychological disorders.

What is a dental prosthesis?

A dental prosthesis has the role of replacing the missing teeth, being placed inside the mouth and attached to a plastic or metal band.



Types of dental prostheses:

1. Complete (total) dental prostheses cover a large part of the gums. Such prosthesis is attached after all the teeth have been extracted and depending on the healing period of the tissues. Aesthetically, the total dental prosthesis meets all conditions for a pleasant and confident smile, with a more natural look.


2. Partial dental prostheses, placed on the space between healthy teeth, provide an immaculate smile. They can be removed if needed. Partial dental prostheses require daily cleaning to maintain a perfect appearance.



Who should wear prostheses?

People with medical conditions, such as heart disease, to whom surgery is not recommended, the elderly, people of any age who suffer from total or partial tooth loss for various reasons.



What is the cost of dental prostheses?

The price of dental prostheses varies depending on the patient. The prosthesis is unique and requires individual preparation. It is best to pay a visit to the dentist and you will certainly find out the price of such an intervention.

What are the steps for the placement of a dental prosthesis?

The first step is to examine the mouth in order to obtain different information about the shape of the gum, the position of different structures. Next, the position of the jaw will be measured, the colour, shape, material of the teeth will be chosen depending on the general appearance of the mouth and the patient’s preferences.

Dental prostheses are made in a laboratory, so it is possible to wear a temporary prosthesis until the final one is ready.


The second step is to check the aesthetic qualities of the prosthesis, its functionality and assembly.



What are the consequences of not treating caries in time?

Untreated caries progress leading to significant losses of hard dental substance, no longer making it possible to restore the tooth with a simple filling. Even the tooth can be lost, thus appearing an edentation that can lead to masticatory inefficiency, migrations of neighbouring and antagonistic teeth, occlusion disorders, periodontal problems and last but not least a deficient aesthetic.



What are the results obtained after dental prosthetics?

Artificial teeth are made of ceramic material that can restore the shape and colour of natural teeth while retaining these qualities over time. The ceramic is made on a zirconium oxide support to increase its strength.

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