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PRP for the scalp

Hair loss stoppage and investiment in new, more resistant hair.

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What is PRP treatment?

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatment is one of the newest cosmetic procedures and involves injecting your own plasma into the scalp to stimulate natural hair growth.

For this reason, the treatment is also known to the general public as the “Vampire Therapy”, stimulating improvements in hair tissue, but also for the complexion, with the help of blood injections.

Thanks to the contribution proven by the patients’ own plasma, the hair will grow stronger, denser, and the chances of its loss drastically decrease in the case of both women and men.


Who can benefit from the PRP treatment?

The procedure is addressed to people of any age who want to prevent the effects of hair loss, as well as to those who suffer from moderate alopecia. Studies show that PRP is beneficial and also gives very good results in stimulating hair growth in people who have had a hair implant.


Following the PRP treatment, you benefit from optimal results based on your own plasma, perfectly biocompatible with the needs of the capillary tissue. The results are obtained gradually, within about two weeks, but you can maintain the appearance by repeating the plasma injection procedures.



When are the results of the PRP treatment seen?

PRP acts over time. Patients who have opted for this treatment have noticed that their thatch looks better and better as the months go by.


Plasma stimulates the stem cells of the scalp to produce more follicles and thus activate the hair growth process.

This growth of new cells generated by PRP lasts from a few weeks to a few months, which makes the results visible over time. Ideally, this procedure should be repeated at least twice a year, for optimal and constant results.


The PRP therapy is 100% natural. The risk of allergy is drastically reduced, the patient’s blood being used as a treatment substance. Adverse effects are almost non-existent, and if they occur (such as redness of the scalp after injection), they are transient.

What does the procedure consist of?

The PRP treatment involves dosing the patient’s own blood into the hair tissue.

The procedure can take around 30 minutes and must be repeated frequently for optimal, long-term results, up to two years.


Stages of the PRP treatment:

  • Sampling of a quantity of blood (8 - 9 ml);
  • Separation of plasma in a PRP centrifuge;
  • Intradermal plasma injection;
  • Repetition of the procedure for lasting results.


Patients do not require a recovery period after the Vampire therapy.

The procedure is very painless, so it does not require local anaesthesia.

However, in people with tissue sensitivities, an anaesthetic cream may be applied before the plasma injection.


Stages of the PRP treatment:

This new procedure for stimulating hair growth has a set of considerable advantages for those who face an aggressive hair loss.

The Vampire therapy is distinguished from many other beauty and maintenance treatments because:


  • It is a simple, non-surgical procedure;
  • Injection occurs gradually through plasma dosing;
  • The first results are seen in just two weeks;
  • It does not require recovery period;
  • Hair growth occurs naturally.

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