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Detection of problems that occur in the teeth and can not be seen with the naked eye.

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What does dental radiology mean?

Dental radiology is the branch of dentistry that deals with the detection of problems that occur in the teeth and can not be seen with the naked eye.


To detect these dental conditions, X-rays obtain a radiological image that allows the dentist to observe the intradental conditions. With the help of radiology, the diagnosis is clear, and treatment can be commenced accordingly.


It is said that a simple picture can speak more than a thousand words, and this is totally true especially if we are talking about a radiological image obtained with state-of-the-art equipment.


Radiology and dental imaging

The House of Beauty Clinic is equipped with high performance equipment: Planmeca Promax® 3D/2D CT Scanner.


Radiological imaging is necessary for both adults and children. That’s why we chose high-performance radiological equipment that has the lowest degree of irradiation.


Planmeca Promax® 3D/2D CT Scanner:

It represents the highest digital technology, offering dentists maximum accuracy in diagnosing a maxillo-facial condition.


Planmeca ProMax® 3D includes 3D imaging, 3D photography, 2D panning and cephalometric analyses, all in one device. This 3D combination creates a virtual patient in 3D, providing a maximum degree of accuracy in diagnosis.


Computed tomography offers the possibility of digital mapping from millimeter surfaces to the entire intracranial surface so it can be used in complex and correct diagnosis in several specialties of dentistry:


  • Implantology;
  • Periodontology;
  • Maxillo-facial surgery;
  • Orthodontics;
  • Endodontics;
  • TMJ analysis.

The advantages of using the 3D CT Scanner in the clinic:

  • Quick and correct diagnostics. It has a high degree of accuracy, so it helps the physician get a spatial image of the affected area and to put an immediate diagnosis;
  • Minimum radiation exposure;
  • It provides a comfortable experience for the patient;
  • It represents a support in identifying diseases in almost all branches of dentistry: implantology, endodontics, orthodontics, maxillo-facial surgery, periodontology;
  • It is a way to control the quality of the medical act, the patient can have the situation before the visit to the dentist and after finishing the treatment;

Why opt for radiology services at the House of Beauty clinic?

House of Beauty is a clinic built with love and out of love for the profession and for patients. Because care, professionalism and passion form the basis on which every physician has built their career, the House of Beauty clinic becomes the perfect choice in radiology services.


The competence that each physician has shown and the exceptional results that have appeared in each patient who has paid a visit to the clinic, make the radiology services to be exemplary and provided with maximum seriousness.


In order for the radiological image to be performed with exception and in detail, it is necessary both the latest generation equipment and physicians well-trained in this field, who know exactly what type of radiography is specific to each condition. The results that the House of Beauty Clinic records daily prove the competence and dedication of the clinic towards patients.

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