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Vampire therapy

Moisturizing and brightening skin treatment.

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Vampire Skin Therapy

The Vampire therapy is used to remove wrinkles, acne, scars or various visible signs, to moisturize and brighten the complexion of people who do not want to inject unknown solutions into the complexion. It is the only method in which the injected product is 100% natural.


The Vampire therapy is the most modern and revolutionary solution for removing wrinkles from the face, neck, neckline or hands. This treatment is unique because it succeeds in regenerating and revitalizing the body by injecting one’s own blood into the problem areas.


The method involves collecting and concentrating one’s own blood and reinjecting it into the skin tissue, thus stimulating cell repair processes.


What the PRP treatment for the skin consists of?

The Vampire therapy procedure consists in collecting a small volume of blood from the patient (10-15 ml) in approved sterile tubes. They are placed in a special PRP centrifuge (their own platelet-rich plasma) for 5 minutes, where the plasma separates from the red blood cells.


After the area is disinfected and anaesthetized, the procedure for injecting the active substance into the areas requested by the client begins. With a fine needle, only platelet-rich plasma is injected.


The duration of the process is 30 minutes, but the redness and small swellings on the face remaining after the intervention disappear in 12-24 hours.


When are the results visible?

The results are visible immediately after the first session with the Vampire therapy. The skin will have a brighter, more moisturized appearance and a fine attenuation of wrinkles can be noticed. For a more successful and long-lasting result (up to two years), 3 sessions are recommended, performed at an interval of one month.


It has very good results, because platelet-rich plasma generates a healing reaction, stimulates collagen production and encourages cell regeneration.


There are no side effects, as the product used is from the body and is 100% compatible. The only risk is small bruises at the injection site, but they disappear after a few days.


The Vampire therapy is the unique treatment we need to naturally rebuild tired or diseased tissues.


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